As the name states, this class is built on a ballet, stretching, yoga base. Activate your mind and body while enjoying fluid, low resistance movement that will leave you feeling refreshed, free and motivated.



The perfect combination of our flow and endurance programs. This class starts with waking up the body through mindful stretching and flow of movement and progresses to incorporate mid resistance strength training. This program will leave you feeling invigorated.



Get ready to sweat! Endurance is our up beat, energetic cardio & strength based program. Incorporating dance fitness and HIIT conditioning concepts, Endurance will leave you feeling stronger and like the best version of you.


3 options for enrolment - Term, 5 class pass, Casual. 


Barre fitness specifically designed and tailored for new and expecting mothers. Safely caring for your body while your body cares for your baby. The program operates for all fitness levels and provides a safe, caring space to reintroduce the body back into safe movement and exercise. The class is designed for mothers to exercise with their infants in the room or by their sides therefore reducing stress for both mother and baby. This class is recommended from 12th week of pregnancy right through to 12+ months postpartum. It is advised that new mothers do not return to exercise until 6 weeks postpartum unless otherwise medically cleared by a treating doctor.