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Concert Time

November for In-Step Dance School is one of our busiest months as it's End of Year Concert time. It is one of the most exciting times for our students as they learn new routines, try on costumes and prepare for performing on stage.

So why do we hold an end of year concert?

We believe that performing on stage is a crucial part of the dancing experience. We spend our year of classes learning and refining technique and building upon our skills as dancers. The ultimate ending to all of this hard work is to show case it on stage to our friends and family.

Performing on stage is a valuable skill that has a direct benefit to all areas of our lives. We encourage and develop a hard work ethic as we learn dance routines and rehearse them to look fabulous on stage. We develop and team work ethic as students work together in their dance groups to form patterns and dance their steps at the same time. Lastly of course, is the confidence that is gained from getting up on stage and performing in front of an audience and overcoming nerves.

Finally it is such as fun event for all students who are involved! Who doesn't love getting dressed up in beautiful glitzy costumes, getting their hair and make up done and hanging out with your friends? It truly is a fantastic event and well worth all of the hard work that goes into putting on such an event :-)

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