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Dance is just for fun right?

Many Parents enrol their children in dance as it is a fun activity for them to do. What they may not realise is that there are many benefits to enrolling in a dance class - especially from a young age.

Motor Skills and Coordination:

The most obvious benefit of dancing is the benefit to a student's motor skills and coordination. Dance classes are carefully structured to suit a child's age and skill level and to assist in developing skills in skipping, running, direction change, coordinating arms and legs and balance. Good posture is developed that will assist in other every day activities.

Imagination & Emotions:

In a day where television and computers dominate, developing a child's ability to imagine is even more powerful and important. Early dance classes encourage imaginative play with and without props and allow children to explore their surroundings and experience with what their bodies can do. Play acting also encourages different emotions.


Music is a powerful entity and is an essential part of any dance class. Teachers spend hours looking for the perfect music to match their lesson plans and for a very good reason. Understanding rhythm and beat and being able to dance in time to the music is not only fun but also assists in brain development.


Many children who begin dance lessons are shy and may not participate to begin with. We often see the confidence grow within these children as they are able to express themselves without having to speak and they develop a passion for dancing. Getting up on stage at performance time is a very nerve wracking experience but the smiles we see on our students faces at the end of their dance on stage shows us the confidence they have after careful preparation in class.


Dance friends are lifelong friends! Many of our students have been dancing together since they were in our Tiny Tots programs! They often have more inclusive friendships with their dance buddies as they share common passions and interest in dance.


Yes fun is a very important part of attending dance classes. While students are learning all of the skills associated with dancing, fun is a very important element of our classes. What's not to enjoy? The music, the movement and the costumes at performance time? Heaven on earth for many of us :-)

What benefits do you see in having a child dance? Would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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